About FAITH Colleges

Transforming ourselves,
Transforming our world:
We are an academic community with a strong passion for excellence in education.

FAITH (First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities) is an institution of higher learning and research located in the City of Tanauan in Batangas. Since its inception on 08 September 2000, FAITH is envisioned to be a premier educational organization in the high-growth region south of Metro Manila. It aims to contribute to the humane and holistic development of the Filipino nation and the individual by training and producing graduates who are technologically skilled, well-rounded and competent, as well as grounded on Christian humanistic values.

FAITH is committed to the pursuit of a culture of academic excellence and social and environmental awareness in the community it serves, and to actively undertake research in science, technology, and the humanities.

FAITH is the youngest HEI in the country to be recognized as a Center of Development for IT.

Recently, FAITH earned its Level 3 PACUCOA accreditation for the following academic programs: Business Administration, Computer Science, Information Technology, and Psychology. The FAITH Catholic School is PAASCU-accredited.

FAITH is also currently one of the leading institutions with the most number of board passers in Accountancy, Engineering, Nursing, Criminology, Psychometrics, Elementary Education, and Secondary Education.

FAITH offers K-to12 and college level education: the Total Child School for preschool; FAITH Catholic School for K-to12; Fidelis Senior High for Senior High School; and Tertiary Schools.

The FAITH campus boasts of world–class facilities that rival many of Metro Manila’s established colleges and universities. The five-hectare campus boasts of fully air-conditioned classrooms and laboratories used for all levels of education. Its Multiversity Library is a three-level structure that contains thousands of books, periodicals, and reference materials both in hard copies and digital formats. The campus also houses complementary facilities for sports, extra-curricular activities and school functions such as Indoor Sports Arena and Activity Center (ISAAC), a multi-purpose covered court, a 400-sq. m. open field, a multi-purpose hall, food court, garden house, beach volleyball court, a chess plaza, wide open spaces such as the College Promenade, and lush gardens for reflection. The School Chapel offers a recluse for prayer, fellowship, and worship.

In January 2017, the FAITH Citywalk Lounge was inaugurated. Soon to rise is the new 4-storey building Nuspace Center that will house the growing academic community of FAITH Colleges.

Foundation Anniversary Country Feature Through The Years

2014: Timeless Charm of Vietnam


2006: Fascinating Sweeden

No less than Mr. Fredrik Agerhem, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Sweden in the Philippines conducted the Country Talk. The Embassy also helped the school in organizing the Exhibit on Sweden. Students and faculty from different schools in North Batangas attended the talk and visited the exhibits.

2005: K-Pop Flavor

The Republic of Korea was the partner country for the 2005 celebration. Among the major programs were the inauguration of the Administration Building; the Country Talk of Mr. Bae Han-jin, the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea; and a mini-lecture on the Korean Wave in the Philippines by the Korea Studies Association of the Philippines (KOSAP).

2004: Tierra y Libertad (Land and Liberty)

Mexico was the country feature for the 2004 celebration. Exhibits showcasing Mexican culture and a talk from the Ambassador of Mexico were some of the highlights of the celebration. Other activities included a Roundtable Conference of CALABARZON educators about “Sharing Experiences on School Governance” and Dr. Bernardo Villegas’ talk on “Economic Opportunities in the New Growth Region of CALABARZON.”

2003: Turning Japanese

On its third year, Japan was the partner country for the celebration. Japanese art was displayed through exhibits and workshops. Robotics workshops and exhibition were also conducted, focusing on the distinctive Japanese technology.

2002: Viva España

Together with the efforts of the Embassy of Spain, the Institute celebrated its second year with Spain as the partner country. Mr. Javier Galvan of Instituto Cervantes delivered a lecture on the works of Spanish Architect Antoni Gaudi. Exhibits and workshop featuring Spain and its rich culture made the event worth reminiscing.

2001: "Getting To Know ASEAN"

THE ASEAN COUNTRIES. A fresh start for its first year anniversary, the Institute featured the ASEAN countries. From then on, notable traditions have been formed:

The annual commemoration of the Founding Anniversary of the ASEAN has become a favorite project of the Tertiary School Student Council because of the opportunity it presents to showcase exceptional talents of students through creative expressions of their study and research of the culture and traditions of member nations of the ASEAN. In the Search for the Young ASEAN Diplomat, representatives from the different student organizations perform the traditional dances of the country that they represent. During the main pageant, the candidates are primarily judged based on their answers to the questions about the country that they represent as well as their opinions on issues related to the ASEAN.

High Schools from all over Calabarzon participate in the yearly Quiz Show organized by FAITH. The team that garners the most number of correct answers on questions about the ASEAN and the member countries win the competition.

The ASEAN Group Art competition has been conceptualized by FAITH to develop the artistic abilities of elementary school students while promoting global awareness and teamwork. Each year, elementary schools from Batangas participate in this contest. The entries are judged based on the relevance of the artwork to the ASEAN celebration’s theme for the year as well as the quality and artistry of the work.

FAITH likewise partners with the Department of Foreign affairs as well as with the different embassies of the ASEAN countries for yearly exhibits and regular talks and symposia on present concerns, issues and developments in the ASEAN. The Institute attends conferences organized by the government as well as the private sector on the ASEAN.